KNESTA was born out of my desire for efficacious herbal treatments. This remains the driving force behind every aspect of the company from herb sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance under pharmaceutical standards . I am proud and grateful to be associated with a company that provides such unparalleled support.

We have a team of professionals, chemists, engineers to deliver a quality of international standards.

Mr. Chander Prakash



At KNESTA , we are committed to ensuring our products remain fresh throughout their shelf life. Sterilized bottles are filled using clean automated bottle technology, and each bottle is shrink-wrapped to protect again st tampering. Wherever possible, we use recycled materials for outer cartoon packaging.

With proper storage, the shelf life of our product Knesta Aloe Vera is 24 months. Once opened, exposure to air, moisture, heat and light will accelerate the formula’s natural process of erosion. Place the product in cool and not to be directly exposed to sunlight.

KNESTA is highly conscious of the quality of materials used in the manufacturing and packaging of our products. We offer our customers the choice of herbal juice delivered in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles. HDPE bottles are recommended by the FDA , used throughout the industry for the packaging of herbal liquid. HDPE bottles are resistant to impact, moisture, and permeability, delivering fresh, liquid extracts with zero breakage.

“We have the utmost confidence in KNESTA products. One taste of the extracts and you know the ingredients are fresh, concentrated, and effective. The quality of Knesta formulas can be seen repeatedly in the positive, nourishing response in our customers: control diabetes, circulation improves, and obesity disappears. It is very comforting to know that our distributions of Knesta formulas will be effective. We are able to effect health changes with these formulas that our customers haven’t experienced despite numerous pharmaceutical medications.

Knesta is purely a mixture of science with nature to deliver you a quality , you never ever thing before.