Arthritis is the form of joint mess up . it could be on more than one joint .There are many types of Arthritis : osteoarthritis is the common form . It results joint pain , infection in joint and many more .
There is a cartilage in our bones , its a muffle like substance for easy movement of our joints.Gradually breakdown of cartilages cause pain and stiffness in joints .
The major complain by those having Arthritis is Joint Pain .

Signs :

* Muscle stiffness.
* Sleep disorder.
* Flexibility of body.
* Sleeplessness.
* Joint pain.

Causes :

*Ageing of joints.

Treatment :

*Substances such in Vitamin D3 is good for Arthritis patients.

*Aloe vera

Using Aloe vera as a treatment of arthritis dates back centuries. Evidence of its effectiveness is largely anecdotal or from limited studies .However, aloe vera is known to reduce inflammation, and arthritis is an inflammatory disease.

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